Our company information

We Create, Design and Make it Real

we help people to create Secure Program, Platform and network infrastructure.
we can audit app for you, develop an app for you, secure your network infrastructure and web based app.
we have automated environment and automated analytic tool which are able to create secure server for you like as HTTP, FTP, Mail server, etc...
with all these services we provide network analysis for free we have automated software that work with network captured packet and only sniff important data.

we are ready to provide VPN, Proxy, VPS.
we have automated tool for these which are able to create all these things in a secure way within 10 min of your request

we believe to help each other so whenever you pick one service, lots of services comes with them.
so you don't have to purchase each and every product from different vendor even 60 - 100% of our product are free of cost.

Our Skills

we deal in Application Development/Audit, Web Development, Network Forensic/Security, Big Data, Server Security/Configuration, Web Hosting/Security, Automation (Hardware/Software).

Application Development/Security/Audit


Web Development/Security/Audit/Hosting


Automation Hardware/Software


Big Data


Network Forensic/Security/Configuration