Company Services

Website is one of the unique identity of any organisation where people can visit and know more about that organization, even they can purchase some of their service one of the wise man told us that great power comes with great responsibility. we break it into two part great power and great responsibility. you can show your power using, the domain and we will take care of your responsibility.

  • Web Development

    We have a great team who can develop a secure website for you. With this we provide free Android, free IOS app, free SSL, free Domain name and free Server for your website

  • Web Hosting

    We have a very secure with great speed. with each and every hosting plan you will get free SSL, Android, IOS and windows platform based application for your website.

  • Security And Auditing

    in this service we provide automated tool to track each and every network activity and we will audit that traffic for you. this service is available for free by raising a special request.

  • Application Development

    in this modern era application plays a more important role to distribute your services to other people. it is a research that application can make your business grow faster. for each and every web application you will get free IOS, Android and Windows platform based application.

  • Application Security

    one loophole of your application can affect your business. You don't have to worry about it. we have a specialise team of auditor who will find and fix loopholes.

  • Application Auditing

    You have a running application, but worried about their security. don't worry, we are here to help you. we have automated tool that can audit your application either that is Android or IOS platform based application. even we provide auditing services for windows based app too.

The application is one of the main identity of an organization. This is one touch solution for any organisation. we did a research where we found 7 out 9 people prefer to access the service using the application. you can analyse it by yourself... there are a lot of chatting applications, they provide their web client too. what do you prefer most to access the services? you got your answer right? There is a reason behind it to access services using web client you have to access the browser, recall domain name, enter that into the url bar... but in case of application they provide one touch access to that service

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” (Geoffrey Moore, author and consultant) one of my favourite quote, I have an another quotes too “Processed data is information. Processed information is knowledge Processed knowledge is Wisdom.”   This is what we do with big data. we scrap the knowledge form big data using an automated script

  • Big Data

    This special kind of sevrvice needed by each and every big organisation in this we scrap knowledge from big data using automated script and show them using web client with lightening fast speed.

  • Software Automation

    we usually do the same type of task at multiple time that cost human resource and time. by using our software automation service you can save both of these. we can automate web application and other platform based application.

  • Hardware automation

    We purchase hardware to do a specific task, we waste our money, human resource, time to operate them. why don't you leave that up to us, we can make your hardware smarter and automate some of their tasks.

  • Information Security

    information is most of the important part of communication it's revealed lots of data (knowledge) about you and your client. so its better to secure the data. many government agencies are snooping you by following same way a hacker can too. so we came with a solution named secura in this we secure all kinds of server.

  • web infra

    network security is one of the big concerns nowadays, so we provide solutions for it, we can configure firewall, IDS/IPS for you and we encrypt each and every traffic using SSL with special we can provide end-to-end encryption too. we also care about client anonymity that is why we introduce Proxy, VPN and VPS solution with lightening fast speed.

  • Network Forensic

    these days we are noticing lots of hacking attacks each and every second. you can see it by yourself Click Here To See sometime we need to discover who did it or need to detect it. for this we provide DPI solutions in which, we forensic your network using pre-captured file (PCAP) or inline live traffic. If your services are getting managed by our team then it will come free with your package

Information is one of the most important thing these days. They get delivered to the client using various network infrastructure. It is possible for government agencies and hacker to read your data if they have to access one of the nodes of your information delivery infrastructure. That might be your ISP gateway or country backbone network or anything else. so it's quite important to secure your web infrastructure. we are here to help you to develop one. we can help you to develop your web infrastructure, secure them and if you want to find out the trace of hacking activity on your network. we are there too. we can snoop your network for you.